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Education, Skills Training and Writing Services

From nurses to number crunchers, communicators to pundits, ZEDS has helped hundreds of people laugh their way to success and good health. We have our roots in Calgary and since 1996, as the CHEERS project, have been sharing the writing methods and presentation skills used in stand-up comedy with non-comics. Not everyone can be a comic, but everyone can be funnier and less stressed.

For the Individual – Mentored Options perfect for individual learners who require flexibility in scheduling and want focused results.

ZEDS’ comedy training brings professional structure to your business and personal communications. Training starts with learning your ZEDS Humour Type and is Training is diverse and includes online lessons, telephone education and live meetings.  Training includes access to: writing support, humour editing service and ZEDS solution focused professionals.

STAGE – Save a year of time - Stand–up comedy is the extreme sport of professional speaking.

WORK – Gain confidence - A sense of humour, though related to comedy, is not just about telling jokes. It is being open to humourous opportunities and giving your clients and associates the chance to participate.

PAGE - This training applies the skills of comic writing to your personal or professional writing project.

For the Presenter – Licensed Facilitator Training

Presenters and facilitators want to include humour in their work and as a licensed facilitator of any of the following programs or modules it’s as easy as slipping on that banana peel.

Laughing Allowed Program – Intended for facilitators who currently work with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities

Jr. Jokers Program – Designed for those who currently work with children. Comedy training for children aged 6-17

Humour and YOUR Health Module – Ideal for facilitators who wish to add a humour component to their current talk or presentation.

For Groups and Organizations

ZEDS’ Fundraiser for the Uncommon Cause comedy course is designed to add laughter and fun into your life inside and out of your fundraising efforts. We train up your supporters to take to the stage, stand-up style, and your group benefits from ticket sales. The course runs a few weeks or a few days leading up to your fundraising event.  Additionally, there is a show rehearsal, final performance and wrap-up meeting with you and the ZEDS team.

Workshops are for groups from five to 150 participants from half hour to a full day. Topics include customer service, teamwork and humour and your health.

Keynote Speech and lectures for business functions, charitable groups and special events.

Writing & Editing Services

Writing services with a bit of wit. You want your writing to be memorable and bringing some personality to the mix will do just that.

Speech Writing- inform, persuade, entertain, toast or celebrate

Comedy Routines – enough said

Humour Editing - you’ve got the content now let’s add the personality

Business Content Writing – relevant writing for your website, blog and social communication

Business Content Editing – perfect for those want a spruce up of their current content

Article Writing – the best way for you to ensure regular posts

LinkedIn Summary – you can have a summary that is both keyword effective and engaging

Publication – Start or finish that book you keep talking about

Custom Comic Books - to help business and non-profit organizations explain their message in a unique and colourful format

*Technical skills instruction included




Average number of jokes in a 5 minute set
Ideal words in a killer punchline
Hours invested to create a decent five minute set alone
Hours it takes to write a decent five minute set with a ZEDS writer

Gain confidence, save time, reduce stress.